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    General Hydroponics Farm Kit GH4116 (GH4116)

    GH Farm Kit

    Plumbing hardware for WaterFarm®. Kit includes drip ring, pumping column, drain level tube and clip, clear air hose and grommet. Also includes the WaterFarm® Module.

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    Now: $17.95
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  • Tissue Culture Microclone Kit

    Tissue Culture Microclone Kit

    Kit includes:50 6oz flip-top vials30 clear plastic jar lids16 starter poly test tubes with screw lids in tray5ml PPM antifungal/antibacterial preservative1 establish/multiplication media kit with BA hormone1 rooting/growth media kits with NAA hormone2...

    MSRP: $252.95
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  • Botanicare LT Tray 4 ft x 8 ft - Black

    Our newly expanded line of Low Tide trays, now offered in black, are a perfect match for growers who need just a little something to put under their plants. These newly designed trays offer a diagonal drainage grid that directs water out of the tray and...

  • Down To Earth Oyster Shell - 50 lb

    Down To Earth Oyster Shell - 50 lb

    Oyster Shell flour is an all-natural source of high-quality calcium that is ground into varying sizes to ensure an immediate and sustained release of this valuable nutrient. Calcium promotes strong root development, improves nutrient uptake and boosts...

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  • Down To Earth Blood Meal - 50 lb

    Down To Earth Blood Meal - 50 lb

    A high nitrogen source, our Blood Meal is guaranteed to promote rapid, green growth. A wonderful fertilizer for heavy feeders like corn, spinach, salad greens and garlic in the early spring, it also helps compost piles heat up and break down fast.

    MSRP: $121.19
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  • Hydrodynamics International Clonex Clone Solution 1 qt HDCCSQT

    HydroDynamics Clonex Clone Solution Quart

    Clonex® Clone Solution is a clone-specific nutrient formulated using a special blend of minerals and other helpful ingredients. Used with Clonex® gel and other rooting agents, Clonex® Clone Solution assists in the cloning process while helping to...

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  • Down To Earth Feather Meal - 50 lb

    Down To Earth Feather Meal - 50 lb

    Feather Meal is a great source of slow-release nitrogen that is perfect for heavy feeders like corn, cole crops and leafy green vegetables. Incorporate into your soil before spring plantings for best results.

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