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Compost Tea Brewing

  • Vermicrop VCBC5RK 5 Gal Bio Cartridge Retail Kit

    Vermi T Bio-Cartridge 5 Gallon Retail Kit

    Vermi T Solution Retail Kits are designed for a retail store to have a convenient way to offer freshly extracted microbial rich solution to their customers. These kits come with everything you need to make Vermi T and a correct volume of labeled...

    MSRP: $380.59
  • Vermicrop VCBC10 10 Gallon Vermi T Bio-Cartridge

    Vermi T Bio-Cartridge 10 Gallon (4/Cs)

    This cartridge is the key to the multiplication of a diverse microbial-rich solution from your Vermi T 5/10 Extractor. This configuration is sold off the shelf without bottles for customers that own their own Vermi T 5/10 Extractor. When purchased in...

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  • Vermicrop VC510EXT Vermi-T 5/10 Extractor

    Vermi T 5/10 Extractor

    This lightweight, easy-to-clean bio extractor is designed to produce a fresh, microbial-rich extract in 24 hours. This new revolutionary process is used to multiply beneficial microorganisms through the recirculation and injection of highly aerated water...

    MSRP: $726.10
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