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Combination Meters

  • HM Digital Meters HMDPHM80 PH/Temperature Meter

    HM Digital pH 80 Meter

    Resolution: pH 0.1 pH, 0.00–14.0 pH. Accurate to +/-0.1 pH. Hold button and auto shut-off. Automatic calibration: Auto-ranging to 4, 7 or 10 pH. Very reliable and long lasting. Low battery indicator. Clear cap to notice moisture (or lack of) on probe...

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  • HM Digital Meters HMDCOM100 Waterproof EC/TDS/Temp Combo Meter

    HM Waterproof EC/TDS/Temp Combo Meter

    Measures electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature. Three different calibration options (KCl, 442TM, NaCl), each with its own non-linear conversion factor. Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) using three temperature...

    MSRP: $76.95
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  • HM Digital Meters HMDPH200 Waterproof pH/Temperature Meter

    HM Digital Waterproof pH Meter

    Measures pH and temperature. Auto-ranging three point calibration with digital fine tuning. pH buffer 4 solution is in a sponge embedded in a clear cap. Measurement range: 0–14 pH with a waterproof housing. Digital automatic calibration (one point), with...

    MSRP: $99.95
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