RatX Throw Packs 0.75 lb:12 pack

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9.60 LBS

Product Overview

This listing is a package bundle, which includes:(12) RatX Throw Packs 0.75 lbRatX Throw Packs are a new approach to effectively kill unwanted rats and mice from industrial buildings, livestock premises, homes, barnyards and any area where the unwanted pests inhabit. Using Non-Toxic ingredients, RatX Throw Packs are safe even if accidently ingested by pets or wildlife. RatX Throw Packs are perfect for hard to reach places such as crawl spaces, attics, behind appliances or any other tight spot where rats may hide. RatX Throw Packs are also perfect for outdoor use as the plastic pack protects the bait from rain or moisture until the rat and/or mouse eats the bait. RatX Throw Packs? make baiting easy, just take each 2oz pack and place/throw in the area where baiting is needed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review